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Getting to know Alvarez Guitars

Established in 1965 as a partnership between Saint Louis Music and Master Luthier Kazou Yairi, Alvarez –Yairi guitars have been a stable and innovative company for 50 years. Much like Henry Ford’s dream for his automobile, the Alvarez goal is to make the best quality guitar possible that is accessible to the average player. To quote Chris Meikle of Saint Louis Music, “Making a great quality or professional guitar that sells for $4,000.00 is not that difficult, making one that sells for $400.00 is.” Alvarez guitars are extremely reliable and offer a wide selection of various tone woods and body shapes. There are four basic series of guitars within the Alvarez family.

  • Regent Series - Entry level guitars that offer a high degree of quality and value for the beginner. Laminate tops, back and sides offer affordability. Many of these models include an Alvarez Gig Bag, and optional electronics with built in tuners in the $200 - $300 price range.

  • Alvarez Regent Series

  • Artist Series – These are step-up guitars with solid tops and a variety of tone wood combinations. This series is an extreme value, perfect for an inexpensive performance guitar. Electronics offer both XLR and ¼” outputs for stage box or amplifier connection, a built in tuner, and plenty of tone shaping controls. These are very affordable, weighing in between $289 and $600.

  • Alvarez Artist Series

  • Masterworks Series – Imagine a solid top, solid back and sides, and a hard case for less than $1000. Well, you have just imagined an Alvarez Masterworks Series guitar. They offer the same great variety of the Artist Series with tone improving, solid back and sides. These are a professional series line of guitars.

  • Alvarez Masterworks Series

  • Yairi Series – For the discerning guitarist, Alvarez-Yairi guitars are handcrafted in Kani, Japan. Each guitar is made with great attention to detail and shipped in its own case.

  • Alvarez Yairi Series

Alvarez guitars are played and enjoyed by many, but a few you names that you might recognize are Joe Bonamassa, Bono, and Ani DiFranco. Come in, see, hear, and feel the Alvarez difference. Try them out and we believe that you will agree that they are some of the best guitars that your hard earned money can buy.

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