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Student Lesson Introduction


Introduction: Thank you for choosing Magnolia Music and me for your instruction needs. I am looking forward to exploring the world of music with you. Our instruction period is designated for a half-hour each week. To maximize our time together, please be prepared by doing the following:


  • Be a few minutes early.

  • Tune your instrument prior to your lesson time.

  • Bring your lesson book.

  • Be open and honest about your progress.



Each lesson will be geared around your progress and needs. I will make changes as your needs and focus change. Remember, you will never know everything that there is to know about music. The most accomplished musicians continue to learn and grow. You will be surprised how far you can go if you put your heart into making your instrument an extension of your expression and of you.


Absences: While there is no excused absence, prior warning of missed lessons, illness, or vacation times may allow some rescheduling, based on availability. After the fact rescheduling will not be permitted. If I am to miss a lesson, either a Magnolia Music associate or I will attempt to contact you as soon as possible and a make up lesson will be arranged.


Payment: Prior to your first lesson, payment for the first month of lessons is due. The rate of payment is $20.00 per lesson. Normally, this equals $80/Month; however, some months have five of a given day of the week. This will cause that monthly rate to be $100.00! Payment becomes due again on the last lesson of each month, FOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH. This insures that your time slot for lessons continues to be your time slot for lessons.


Special Promotions: From time to time, Magnolia Music may have some special events, which may evolve around students. While there are no specific ‘recital’ requirements, you may be asked to participate in a mini-concert to show your progress. It is not required; however I do encourage and appreciate your involvement. I will inform you of any events or promotions as early as possible, so that you may prepare to participate.


Some Encouragement: Anything that is worthwhile requires some effort. The more time and effort you give your studies, the more your progress will be evident. The people who seem to be “naturals” are just simply those who hold their musical growth as a priority. Don’t be intimidated by a more seasoned player. Take the opportunity to interact with other musicians. A jamming partner or band causes you to push a little harder to learn that evasive lick and will raise your awareness of how it all fits together.


Instructor: Danny Vergunst